WHY I Coach

As a Life Coach, I support you in creating the life you want for yourself.  By identifying your goals and taking action to make them happen, you create the possibility for your dreams to be realized.

Many of us are afraid and let that fear keep us from moving forward.  So, instead we dream and watch, waiting for the perfect time to act.  Sometimes waiting so long that we believe it is too late or it can't happen.

The time to act on what you want out of life is now. The process will not be perfect; it can be messy at times, and the outcome may be different from what you had in mind when you began. In the end though, through action and perseverance, you will get to see your dreams become a reality.

I look forward to supporting you in getting clear and taking action towards your goals.


About Me

I am a of Certified Life Coach and a graduate of Accomplishment Coaching. I also have 27 years of experience as a High School and Middle School teacher in White Plains and Pelham, NY, as well as 15 years of business experience.

I live with my husband in White Plains, NY, where we raised our 3 children.  My experience as a coach, teacher, business woman, parent and working mom puts me in a position to support others as they transition through life and relationships.

COACHING Specialties

  • Parenting

  • Teaching

  • Retirement Planning & Downsizing

  • Personal Growth & Self-Esteem

  • People & Relationships


I really connected with Annick during our sessions together. She focused on the issues that I encounter every day, and did a fantastic job developing strategies for me to overcome the obstacles that were getting in my way.

— Jason P.

Her positivity is contagious!

— Kelsey M.

Annick has supported me in achieving a different perception of my environment, so that I have gradually experienced my life with a degree of comfort I never thought possible.

                                                         -James P.


We think we know what's good for us which usually means staying in our same old comfort zone. Annick helps me foster the ability to change. She supports me in reaching inside and looking at what is getting in my way. The process is uncomfortable at first because self-revelation always is. But it's a feeling of someone having your back, front & center!

— Catherine G.

She is extremely motivating and inspiring with the hard skills to support people to be successful in life.

— Kristin W.

Annick validates me and empowers me to trust myself and my motives

                                                          --  Julie C,